Who is Isko Moreno to Wife Dynee Domagoso, Son Vincent Patrick Ditan?

The 'Mayordomagoso' of the house talks family dynamics.

Presidential candidate Isko Moreno may lead the city of Manila, but his wife Diana Lynn "Dynee" Domagoso handles the family and business affairs, earning her the title of "Mayordomagoso" at home.

Domagoso holds the purse in the family, or as she calls it "ang kaban ng pamilya", and said "may pagka-kuripot ako ng onti, maybe just practical."

She's mostly hands-off in political affairs, allowing her husband to do his own thing—a freedom she also enjoys when it comes to managing her own business. They'll let each other know what they're up to, and provide input if needed.

"Ako talaga ang cook sa bahay, kaya nga ang tawag sakin Mayordomagoso," she said, explaining the family's dynamics to talk show host Boy Abunda.

According to Domagoso, she thought she was the last person to know about her husband's decision to run for president. When the ball dropped, she extended the same support she had always given for Moreno's political career.

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"'Mommy, desidido na ako. Tatakbo na akong presidente.' Sabi ko sure ka ba dyan? Ano ba yan, another six years? Kelan ka ba magiging akin? Sabi niya, 'konti na lang, nakapaghintay ka nga ng 22 years eh. Another six years...balewala na yan. After non, sayong' sayo na ako,'" she narrated.

When asked if Moreno was good at business, Domagoso said: "Mas magaling ako."

"Kaya dyan ka pulitika, sa public service, dito ako. Dito ako mas magaling," she said.

When asked which parent is easier to ask money from, "Definitely Papa, more of the enabler. Bad cop to eh," said eldest son Vincent Patrick Ditan, who was born from Domagoso's first relationship.

Ditan said his parents have his full support and that he assumes responsibility over his one younger sister and three younger brothers.


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If there's one thing he learned about love from his parents, it is "that it's something you work on day by day."

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"May natutunan ka rin pala sakin," Domagoso said.

"I see how much they talk to each other. They don't leave anything secret. Which I think is one of the keys to a healthy relationship. I take it from that and bring it to my own relationship," Ditan said.

The family is open to each other and make it a point to have family meals, especially on Sunday lunch, Ditan said.

"Mas maganda na samin matutunan kesa sa labas," Domagoso said.

The future first family?

The concept of security and bodyguards is foreign to the household. Domagoso said the family employs the help of a driver, mostly tasked with bringing the kids to school and back home during pre-pandemic times. She drives by herself.

Ditan, who is barely on social media, acknowledges that lifestyle changes must be made should his father be elected president.

"We're still so far away, we haven't thought about that yet. I think when the time comes, we'd understand what the protocols are. I think I'd be accepting of it. It might take some time to get used to, we're a private family," Ditan said.

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