Ayala's JAZA Asks Lance Gokongwei About Robinsons Galleria 'Snake'

It's an urban legend that has 'plagued' Filipinos for decades.
Photo/s: Screenshot from After Six

Ayala Corp Chairman Jaime August Zobel de Ayala hosted JG Summit CEO Lance Gokongwei on his after-hours YouTube chat show, and in between discussions on the economy, the conversation turned to the long running urban legend of a snake lurking inside a shopping Robinsons shopping mall dressing room.

"That's a definite false," Gokongwei told Zobel, best known by his initials JAZA during the "True or False" portion of "After Six by BPI Preferred", which has become a venue for businessmen and changemakers to discuss their many pursuits.

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Zobel, whose family operates Ayala Malls, described the urban legend of a snake inside Robinsons Galleria as one that has "plagued" the country for decades.

According to the tale, which goes back to the 1990s, the Gokongwei family built their flagship mall, Robinsons Galleria, as the hunting ground of the half-snake, half-human creature. The snake monster was said to be the twin sibling of Robina Gokongwei-Pe, the eldest of the Gokongwei children.

Actress Alice Dixson allegedly fell victim to the snake creature, only that she was able to escape it. She later starred in a viral YouTube ad that parodied the tale.

Gokongwei brushed off these tales as false. "If there was a snake, my sister Robina would've caught it and converted it into a handbag that she sold in Robinsons," he chuckled.

During the interview, Gokongwei also spoke about his favorite snacks. The chairman of Universal Robina Corp. that manufactures Jack 'n Jill products admitted that he is the only person he knows that has a "supermarket-stand" full of snacks in his office.

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First in Lance's list is Jack 'n Jill's VCut, which he loves for its tangy barbecue flavor, followed by the all-time favorite Piattos cheese.

Also making it to Gokongwei's list is Nova Multigrain snack which he said is a "great picker-upper."

Does Gokongwei concoct these snacks himself? "I wish I could take credit for this because it has a great flavor. But it's really the R&D team who develops this," he said.

Aside from Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. and URC, Gokongwei also chairs the Robinsons Land Corporation, Altus Property Ventures, Inc., JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation, JG Summit Olefins Corporation, and Robinsons Bank Corporation.

He also serves as President and CEO of Cebu Air, Inc., the company that operates budget airline Cebu Pacific.

Editor's note: Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. and Universal Robina Corp. are part of the JG Summit Holdings, as is Summit Media, which publishes Reportr.World.

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