'I Lost a Partner in Life': Janella Salvador Mourns Pet Dog’s Death

Feels like losing a "partner in life."
Photo/s: @superjanella/Instagram

Actress Janella Salvador over the weekend took to social media the grief she was feeling over the death of her pet dog “Max”, saying she had lost a “partner in life”.

The actress, who is no stranger to the hardships that come with living in the public eye, said the the particular loss has made the past few days as “some of the hardest in [her] 24 years of existence”.

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“To some I might sound dramatic but I feel like there’s now a big hole in my chest; that I now lack a part of me. It’s probably because i feel like I didn’t just lose a pet— I lost a partner in life. I lost someone who gave me the most unconditional love,” she said.

Salvador said Max was her “shadow”, the one presence who was always there for her.

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“When I moved out at 19, my home barely had anything and I would struggle from time to time learning to be independent. No furniture, an emotional mess… but I had you,” she said.

Salvador referred to her pet as her “first baby boy”, which prepared her for her son Jude.

“He was supposed to grow old with him,” she said.

Salvador said she had felt guilty over not being present during her pet’s last moments but took comfort in how it seemed at peace upon its death.

“You were a happy boy until the very end. THE GOODEST BOI EVER. I will always hold on to the fact that you were the only pup I wanted from the litter and you were also the first one to run to me. You chose me and I chose you. Thank you for sharing your life with me,” she said.

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