Baguio Mayor Apologizes to Robredo Daughter Over Market Heckling

'Rudeness has never been a standard.'
Photo/s: Robredo People's Council/Handout

The mayor of Baguio City on Wednesday apologized to Vice President Leni Robredo's youngest daughter who was heckled at the city's public market, saying "rudeness has never been a standard" in the popular tourist destination.

Baguio folk are friendly and hospitable and it was "unfortunate" that Jillian Robredo was shouted at in that "isolated" incident that went viral on social media, Mayor Benjamin Magalong said.


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"We are sorry that incidents like this took place. Rudeness has never been a standard conduct of Baguio folks. We can assure Ms. Robredo that such a physical outburst by a man is not representative of Baguio’s legendary hospitable conduct, especially to visitors and guests," he said in a statement. 

Presidential candidate Robredo on Twitter told the mayor there was no need to apologize.

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"This unfortunate incident does not diminish our love and respect for the people of Baguio," she said.

The youngest of the three Robredo sisters was screamed at and called a "dayuhan" for allegedly closing the market during her Tuesday visit. She left the market shortly after, the Robredo People's Council said in a statement.

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She called on her mother's supporters to "focus" on the campaign with a few days to go before May 9. 

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