ANC's Anchor Confronts Presidential Bet Over 'Paid' Media Statement

Trust a woman in the interviewer's chair.

News anchor Karmina Constantino was the talk of Twitter on Tuesday for her interview with a presidential candidate, whom she confronted for insinuating that she was paid to ask a certain question.

On ANC, medical doctor Jose Montemayor was asked about his remarks from a weekend debate that rival Isko Moreno got $15 million in donations from U.S. billionaire Bill Gates.

"If you will just research, especially you are in the media. You should have known better. Unless Isko Moreno paid the ANC and ABS-CBN," Montemayor said.

Constantino interrupted him and said: "Dr. Montemayor, we are not in the business of getting paid. I am personally insulted by that insinuation. We can go on with this interview, we can move on. But let me tell you, this is not an insinuation that I will take lightly."

"This company is not in the business of getting paid. This journalist that you're talking to right now has never been or ever will be paid by anyone to ask or not ask any questions," she said.

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Constantino then asked Montemayor what kind of a president he would be of he believed in "fake news", to which the doctor replied: "Is that a personal question?"

"It's a question," Constantino said.

Comments on that portion of the interview posted on Twitter drew comparisons between Constantino and her TV colleagues. Last year, CNN anchor Pinky Web went viral for hair-flipping her way through an interview with then presidential spokesperson Harry Roque.

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