With Bisaya Humor, Kim Chiu Endorses Leni-Kiko in Cebu Rally

Because it hits different.
Photo/s: Xandrine Rodriguez, Team Leni Robredo

Actress Kim Chiu on Thursday showed off her Bisaya wit and humor as she returned home to Cebu province to campaign for presidential candidate Leni Robredo and her runningmate Kiko Pangilinan, marking a first in her 16-year career in show business. 

Chiu, who first came to stardom as the first Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition winner in 2006, told an estimated 150,000-strong crowd in Mandaue City that this particular tandem is the "right" choice for honest and good governance to prevail in this year's elections.

"Daghan mangutana sa akoa, ngano migawas man ka? Akong pangutana, nikanta ra gani kog bawal lumabas, bawal na diay? Dili bawal because sa May 9, mao jud ni atong power for each and every Filipino na iboto ang sakto ug tama," Chiu said in Cebuano.

(Many people asked me, 'why did you come out as a supporter?' My question for them, I just sang 'Bawal Lumabas', but should that really hinder from expressing my support? It shouldn't, because this May 9, this is a power each and every Filipino has: to go out and vote for what is right and just.)

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"Ngano migawas man ka?" is a direct reference to "Bawal Lumabas", a song she made in 2020 as a response to critics bashing her over an analogy she made in a vlog, wherein she compared the National Telecommunications Commission’s cease-and-desist order against ABS-CBN to classroom rules. 

There's also the question of why she was endorsing this particular tandem, Chiu added, sharing her response to this was the usual Bisaya remark on the value of personal agency.

"Naay nangutana pud nako, 'nganong naa man ka diri?' Daghan kaayo sige'g pangutana uy. Samok uy, nganong mangutana man mo nako, magbuot diay mo nako? Ngano magbuot-buot man mo, ako man ni. Diba, gwapa ko, unya kataw-anan pa jud? Mao na akong ganahan, mao na sa tanan na rally kini jud akong gipili. Sakto? Ana jud mga bisayang dako," she said.

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(They also asked me, "why are you here?" So many people are asking that it's so annoying already. Why are you asking me, is the decision up to you? This is my decision to make. Aren't I pretty and funny? (Crowd cheers in agreement) This is why I like it here in this particular rally. Am I right? Hardcore Bisayas are really like that).

Chiu went on to explain why Robredo is her choice for the presidency, laying out five keywords for her reasons: bashing, female leader, mother, taxpayer, and choice. 

The actress said as someone used to bashing, she refused to care if people would continue to crucify her over her decision as long as she knows she's on the side of what's right.

"I-bash ka nga naa ka sa mali, mao nay sakit kaayo. Tagam jud na. Pero kung I-bash ko karon ok lang dili jud ko magmahay na nibarog ko sa sakto ug dapat," she said.

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(When you get bashed for being in the wrong, that's what really hurts. You would really regret it. But if I were going to get bashed now for this, it's okay, I would never regret standing up for what's right and just.)

As someone whose mother has died, Chiu said she was voting for Robredo for her maternal instincts.

"First time jud nako ni gibuhat sa akong tibuok kinabuhi kay wala nako'y mama, namatay na akong mama. Pero kakita ko na usa ka mama ang mu-lead sa atong country. Diba ang mama sa atong balay, mangihi nalang siya dili pajud siya mangihi kay nihilak ang iyang anak, 'ay kadyut sa mubalik sa'ko, ako sa'ng pakaunon akong anak. Diba in'ana man ang mga mama?" she said.

(It's really my first time doing this. My mother already died. But then I saw how this mother had the chance to lead our country. Moms at home, don't they always put the needs of their children first? They even cannot pee or eat without first making sure they're kids are alright. Aren't all mothers like that?)

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"In-ana pud si Leni Robredo! Unahon kitang tanan maski naa ka sa tumoy sa Pilipinas iya jud kang adtuon. Siya ang leader na dili para sa sarili kundi para sa tanan," she added.

(Leni Robredo is also like that. She puts everyone first, even if you're at the farthest island in this country, she would still go to you. She is a leader not for herself, but for everyone.)

Short of time, Chiu could only explain up to her third reason, sharing how Robredo's capabilities is supported by how female leaders like her impressed with their crisis response during the pandemic.

"Kabantay mo sa New Zealand, sa Iceland, sa Taiwan? Kinsa ang leader didto, babae o lalake? Very good kaayo mog history. Female leader ang naa kapaspas na pandemic, kuan, unsay tawag ana uy limot nuon ko. Pandemic response," she said.

(Have you noticed New Zealand, Iceland, Taiwan? Who is leading them, women or men? You are very good in history. Female leaders are the quickest in their pandemic.. what's the word for it, I forgot.. Response. Pandemic response.)

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Wrapping up her speech before performing her hit song, "Peng You", Chiu urged the crowd, especially first time voters, to vote for Robredo-Pangilinan for "honest and good governance."

"Dili lang ni para sa akoang kaugalingon. Dili ko artista karon na nag isturya sa inyoha. Ako si Kim Chiu, Bisayang dako, Waray-waray, Filipino-Chinese na nagsulti sa inyong tanan na tabangan nato si Leni Robredo. Okay ba? Kinsa atong Presidente, bise presidente?," she said.

(I'm not doing this for myself. I'm speaking to you now not as a celebrity, but as Kim Chiu, a hardcore Bisaya, Waray, and a Filipino-Chinese urging everyone to help Leni Robredo and her running mate).

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