Kris Aquino, Children Test Positive for COVID-19

Goodbye 'for now', she said.
Photo/s: Kris Aquino on Instagram

Actress Kris Aquino said Thursday she and her two children have contracted COVID-19. 

Aquino, who is immunocompromised due to her several health conditions, said it was her eldest son Josh who tested positive first. 

She tested positive three days later, and then 12 hours after her, Bimby followed suit.

“This isn’t a permanent goodbye, ibalato nyo na lang hanggang malagpasan namin itong matinding pagsubok. Thank you for all your prayers- i am forever #grateful,” Aquino said in the caption of the video she posted that contained updates about her condition in the U.S.

In the video, Aquino addressed her late brother, former president Noynoy Aquino, whose first death anniversary was last week, asking for guidance as she opened up about her worry about how contracting COVID-19 "could mean ICU" for her. 

"Since this was already you death anniversary, somehow I felt assured knowing that the three of us would get through this new ordeal especially because you would never allow us to hjave a death date so close to yours," she said to him.

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"Then I said seriously Noy, help me please -- these two only have me.. Please help me survive this.. Please?," she added.

Aquino said she wanted the privacy her brother had when he was suffering from the illness that led to his death, but did not want to leave people who cared about her clueless.

Assuring the goodbye was only "for now", Aquino said:

"Promise, pag may good news ako, after thanking God & telling my sisters & my trusted friends- you’ll see a post from me. In God’s perfect timing…"

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