How to Spot, Report Election Offenses Like Vote-Buying

Lawyers for Leni launches Project People's Patrol
Photo/s: Jerome Ascano

Filipinos who want to report vote-buying and other election offenses can do so through Lawyers for Leni, the group said Friday, as it launched its Project People's Patrol initiative.

Reporting fraud, regardless of political affiliation, helps lay the froundwork for future legal action, said the group's co-convenor, Ram Ramos.

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Here's what you need to know about the initiative:

What are the reportable election offenses

The group listed down at least six reportable election offenses:

  • Illegal campaigning. The official campaign ends on May 7 and any such activity beyond that is illegal,  they said.
  • Vote buying. Buying or selling of votes for money or anything of value is also illegal.
  • "Hakot" groups of voters ferried to and from polling precincts by local leaders and other influencial groups
  • Carrying firearms. An An election gun ban is in effect until June 8, 2022.
  • Barring or intimidating voters from casting exercising their right.
  • Distracting people from casting their votes
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What to do next

First, make sure the violation you would report meets at least one of the election offenses cited.

Second, don't forget to note the time and place where it happened. Was it inside the precinct? Did it happen outside the polling place?

Lastly, share what happened and attach photos or videos as evidence.

"Ipapaalala lang po namin na 'pag kayo'y nag-report as People Patroller sa reporting channels, siguraduhin natin na tayo mismo nakasaksi ng pangyayari o kilala natin ag indibidwal na nakasaksi sa pangyayari," said Ramos.

Where to send the report

People Patrollers can send their reports to three channels:

  • Leni 2022 mobile app available via Apple Store or Google Play
  • Lawyers for Leni Facebook Messenger
  • Local Project People Patroller's Hotline through local Robredo People's Campaign groups
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