Robredo on Viral Module: DepEd Must Guard vs 'Poison' Content

The 2020 module surfaced during election season.
Photo/s: VP Leni Robredo Media Bureau

Vice President Leni Robredo on Friday said the DepEd was "inefficient" to have allowed a 2020 learning module that cast her name in a bad light and for which it apologized after the document went viral online.

Regardless of whether or not she was mentioned in the module, the presidential candidate said it was the DepEd's duty to ensure that modules don't contain "poison" content. 

DepEd said the writer of the module died in 2020 and that it reminded personnel to avoid partisan politics. It said the division responsible for the module "expressed its apology for any harm that the incident may have caused to individuals or groups."

Kung totoo na nakalusot ito sa Grade 11 na mga modules, gustong sabihin na napaka-inefficient ng DepEd. Ito lang ‘yung pinakaebidensya na napaka-inefficient nila na pinapayagan nila na ‘yung mga module na ganito nakakalusot sa kanila."

The Grade 11 module titled "Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person" mentioned Robredo's name in four statements where students were asked to spot errors in spelling and grammar.

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The choices were: A. Robredo Chides Government for Unclear Communication on New Quarantine Rules; B. Robredo Blames the Governent as They Don't Have Clear Rules in Quarantine; C. Robredo Charge the Government as Culprit of Confusion in Quarantine; D. Robredo blames those in Executive Branch for Communication's Unclear.

President Rodrigo Duterte had long accused Robredo of doing nothing but criticize his government's pandemic response when in fact, the Office of the Vice President mounted telehealth, testing and vaccination drives.

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The DepEd's Manila division said it had ordered the retrieval of the hard copies from learners, while the soft copies, which went viral, were also removed online.


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