LOOK: Taal Volcano Crater is Image of Relative Calm, Says Phivolcs

It's different beneath the surface.
Photo/s: Facebook/PHIVOLCS

Taal Volcano's crater area is a picture of "relative calm," Phivolcs said, as it continued to monitor abnormal activity that happens mostly beneath the earth's surface.

In the 24-hour period until 8 a.m. Thursday, there were 91 tremor episodes in the vicinity of the volcano, compared to 69 from the previous 24 hours. Steam plumes continued, but the hieght was reduced to five meters from 20 meters during the same comparative period.

On Wednesday, Phivolcs Director Renato Solidum said Taal's activity pointed to an "increasing possibility of a steam-driven or phreatic eruption that is confined on the the main volcano island.

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"Tumataas ang posibilidad na magkaroon ng phreatic eruption or explosion na tulad ng nangyari noong Jan. 12, 2020 sa Taal Volcano," Solidum told the Laging Handa public briefing.

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The tremors, which are prolonged, indicate hydrothermal activity, Solidum said. This means hot gas is escaping from beneath the ground, triggering earthquakes at it passes through magma or molten rocks, Solidum said.

The same phenomenon is causing the temperature in Taal Lake to increase, he said.


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