Beep Fees on Top of Fare Must Be Removed, Says LTFRB

According to a memo, Automatic Fare Collection System fees will be removed.

Commuters must pay only for the load amount on their tap-to-pay cards for public transport. They should not be charged for securing or using the cards, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board said.

The policy directive from the regulator followed an order from President Rodrigo Duterte to make Beep Cards free, following commuter uproar over added costs on top of the cost of the ride itself.

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The Beep Card operator, AF Payments Inc. also distributed 125,000 Beep cards to bus riders for free "until a QR-based electronic ticketing system becomes operational."

The LTFRB is coordinating with automated payment providers to come up with a solution, like enlisting multiple service providers that are open to integration and interoperability.

"The safety of the commuting public has always been our priority whenever LTFRB implements its policies, especially during this pandemic. Despite the unfortunate circumstance, the agency will continue to strengthen its enforcement of safety guidelines until such time that the cashless payment in the EDSA Busway route will resume," said LTFRB Chairman Atty. Martin B. Delgra.

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