Imee Marcos Says 'Maid in Malacañang' a 'Work of Truth'

President's sister leaves it to audiences to judge the film.
Photo/s: Noel Celis, Agence France-Presse

Sen. Imee Marcos described the film "Maid in Malacanang" as a "work of truth" as she denied reports she had been giving away tickets to the film that retells the last days of the People Power revolt from her family's point of view.

Marcos, who serves as a creative consultant in the film, said many sectors had volunteered to buy tickets and give them away to their employees, staff, and even family members. The film opened in theaters on Aug. 3.

"Nasa mga manonood ang paghuhusga kung work of art siya o hindi. Pero ang masasabi ko lamang, para sa panig ko, it is a work of truth. Hangga't maaari lahat ay accurate at historically correct. Yung mga flights of fancy ng ating director, ibang usapan yun," she said.

"I believe that by and large, it's a work of truth and certainly we have tried as best as we can to stay to historical fact," she added.

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Responding to reports that she was giving away movie tickets, the eldest sister of President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. said: "Hindi, naku. Para namang ang Viva papayag nang ganun. Kilala naman natin si boss Vic Del Rosario. Lahat yan binibili,."

Marcos was referring to Vic Del Rosario, the CEO of Viva Films ,who co-produced the film.

"Kaya nga lang maraming sektor na nag-volunteer kaagad at humingi ng block screening. Yun yung mga pinamimigay na ticket. Yung nag-block screening tapos pinamimigay sa empleyado, sa staff, sa kamag-anak. Marami na rin loyalista, siguro bahagi na nun yung bumoto na 31 million," she added.


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Anti-crime activist Teresita Ang-See claimed that Marcos had called on some business groups to purchase movie tickets to be distributed to various schools, according to an Inquirer report.

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She said the distribution of tickets was "tantamount to asking these educational institutions to promote outright lies, falsehoods and historical distortion.”

Marcos refused to comment on Ang-See's statement, among other claims, saying that the public should watch the movie instead and judge it for themselves.

Cebu's Carmelite nuns also denounced a scene from the film which they said failed to portray them accurately. The scene showed a woman wearing a yellow dress, the fashion signature of the late President Corazon Aquino, playing mah jong with a group of nuns.

Marcos said that it's up to the film's director Darryl Yap if he wants to apologize for the controversial scene.

"Talagang bunuan kami ni Director Darryl diyan sa mga creative license niya. May mga ine-edit, may mga tatanggalin. Alam naman ninyo it's a work in progress dahil hindi naman pwedeng awatin at i-censor lagi ang ating direktor," she said.

Despite the criticisms that the film receives, Marcos believes that it's still a "work of truth."

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"Maid in Malacañang" premiered in cinemas on the same day as musical film "Katips", which has an opposing perspective on the Marcos regime.

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