Majority of Filipinos Prefer Health Over Love, Money: Survey

More than half have happy love lives.
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The majority of Filipinos said they would choose health over love and money if they could only have one, a Social Weather Survey released Sunday showed as the world marks Valentine's Day for the second time during a pandemic.

Nearly 6 in 10 people or 57% said they would pick health, followed by 31% who said they would choose love, and 11% who prefer money, results of the Dec. 12-16 survey showed.

Compared to pre-pandemic times, preference for health dropped by 13 points from 70% in December 2019 while preference for love increased by eight points from 23%, SWS said. Preference for money rose by four points from 7% in December 2019.

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Brains over body 

Most Filipinos or 84% also said they are attracted to a person's brains than body with only 15% saying the opposite. 

Over half or 54% of Filipinos also said they are very happy with their love life while 28% said "it could be happier." Only 18% said they have no love life.

SWS said married men and women were found to have a happier love life in general compared to those with live-in partners, and single individuals.

Since 2002, around half of adult Filipinos were recorded to have a very happy love life, with a record-high 59% in 2011 and a record-low 46% in 2004.

The noncommissioned survey was conducted using in-person interviews with 1,440 adults and has  ±2.6% margin of error for national percentages.


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