Makati City Residents to Receive P5,000 Cash Aid

It will be distributed via GCash.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

Residents of Makati City will receive P5,000 cash assistance as part of the city’s economic relief program, Makati City Mayor Abby Binay said on May 11.

“Mahirap man o mayaman, nakatanggap man ng SAP o hindi, kahit saang sector man...mabibigyan po kayo ng ayuda. Ito po ang sinasabi natin, ang MAKA-Tulong P5,000 for 500,000,” Binay said in a Facebook Live.

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She clarified that the cash aid would be extended to each person, and not each household. If a household has 6 people, the household will receive a total of P30,000.

“Ito po ay ating nilagdaan noong April 21 kung saan ay magbibigay po tayo ng P5,000 sa bawat Makatizen. Hindi po bawat tahanan, bawat tao po ito,” Binay said.

The local government of the city has P2.7 billion to give to residents under the Makatizen Economic Relief Program. This is to help citizens financially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The MAKA-tulong 5K for 500K+ Makatizens program, which will cost P2.7 billion, is intended to provide much-needed financial assistance to residents on an individual basis, not per household, as we begin to emerge from the prolonged lockdown,” Binay said.

All citizens of Makati aged 18 years old and up can avail of the cash aid as long as they have one of the following: a Makatizen card, a Yellow health card, or they’re a registered voter of Makati.

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Those who do not have a Makatizen card can apply for one online or submit application forms directly to the barangay office.

Distribution of the funds will start on May 15 and will be done via GCash. The city government will assist citizens in creating a GCash account if they do not have one yet.

Recipients of the aid must spend at least one peso of the given fund, otherwise the cash aid be rendered invalid.

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