Marcos Gatherings, Events to Stay Within Bounds of Law: Palace

After Imelda Marcos holds birthday celebration in the Palace.
Photo/s: Angelo Marcos Barba/Facebook

Malacañang on Monday assured the public that President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. will observe the limitations of the law in holding gatherings and functions inside the Palace, including those involving his family.

Press Secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles made the statement as photos of the 93rd birthday celebration of former First Lady Imelda Marcos surfaced on social media, which suggested that it was held in Malacañang Palace last Saturday.

"We assure you that the president will adhere to law, and so that is the presumption. The president makes no directive in excess of anything that is written in the law," Cruz-Angeles told reporters when asked for assurance that no public funds will be used for the Marcos family gatherings in Malacañang.

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The Office of the Press Secretary earlier said it would not make any comment about the Marcos family matriarch's birthday celebration.

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"We don't comment on those things. We comment on official policy, on the issuances of the president, on the statements of the president and so on," Cruz-Angeles said, adding that she was not present in the birthday celebration herself.

While Cruz-Angeles refused to comment on the former first lady's birthday party, she said Marcos' inaugural dinner, which was held two nights before, "went very well."

Members of the media were not given permission to cover the inaugural dinner, which took place on the night of Marcos' inauguration last June 30.

"It was well attended, it was a happy occasion for everybody who was there.... The dinner was solemn, the inaugural was solemn, simple and traditional," Cruz-Angeles said.

"It was generally a joyful but simple and traditional occasion. That's the best way I can describe it right now," she added.

Earlier, Lauren Greenfield, the director of the documentary film "The Kingmaker" protested the use of a promotional image from the film on a giant billboard to greet Imelda on her birthday, saying that she gave no permission for it.

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