Bible and Pendants: How Ferdinand Marcos Sr. Was at Son's Inauguration

The Marcos children made sure his memory was there.
Photo/s: Panasia Photo via Agence France-Presse

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. took his oath of office on June 30 with his left hand on the same bible used in the inauguration of his late father and namesake 57 years ago.

The bible was restored especially for the inauguration of the Philippines' 17th president, said the National Museum and Library. Marcos Jr. is tasked to lead the country out of the pandemic while restoring his family's honor.


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In his inauguration speech, Marcos Jr said he would lead as his father did, with "no excuses". His ascent to power marks a stunning comeback for his family, 36 years after his father was ousted by the People Power revolt.

He also assumes power on the 50 year anniversary of the declaration of martial law,  which kept the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. in power for another decade, leading to thousands of human rights abuses, according to Amnesty International, and $10 billion lost to corruption, according to the Presidential Commission on Good Government.

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Marcos Jr. said in his speech that his father got the job done. "sometimes, with the needed support, sometimes without... So will it be with his son. You will get no excuses from me."

"I am here not to talk about the past. I am here to tell you about our future. A future of sufficiency, even plenty, of readily available needs to get done what needs doing, by you, by me," Marcos Jr. said.

"Our future, we decide today. Yesterday cannot make that decision anymore, nor tomorrow can delay it," he said.

The new President's eldest sister, Sen. Imee Marcos, attended the inauguration in an asymetrical blue dress that was embelished with gifts from her father. She said she designed the gown that was put together by couturier Rem Divino.

"I brought my father in the inauguration. After all, siya naman ang dahilan ng lahat ng ito. He escorted me. He is in my arms," she said in a statement on her official Facebook page.

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Also present on stage for the inauguration was former first lady Imelda Marcos.

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