Maynilad Extends Water Service Interruptions Until Nov. 29

There's still mud left in the plant's water basins.
Photo/s: from Maynilad Facebook page

Maynilad said Tuesday that water service interruptions for customers would be extended until Nov. 29 to properly clear out their basins of sludge desposits brought about by Typhoon Ulysses.

The water service provider informed customers last week that interruptions would last until Nov. 24. However, based on their latest estimate, the plant needs an additional five days to declog mud from its third basin to restore water production to a normal level.

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The first basin is fully operational, and the second basin is being filled with water after successful sludge removal.

Customers were told that the hours with no water will be shorter in the coming days. Mobile water tankers will make rounds in the following days to deliver water, Maynilad said in a Facebook advisory.

Discolored or murky waters may flow once services resume and customers are advised to let it run until the water clears. Customers may also use cloth as filter, provided that it is frequently replaced.

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Those looking to drink the tap water must boil it first before consumption.

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