Maynilad Announces Service Interruption Until Nov. 24

It's due to the mud brought about by Typhoon Ulysses.
Photo/s: from Maynilad Facebook page

Maynilad on Wednesday informed customers of service interruptions until Nov. 24 to make way for the cleaning of treatment plants after Typhoon Ulysses clogged their basins with several meters of sludge.

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The large volume of mud in their water treatment system must be cleared to restore production to a normal level. Maynilad is working to remove about four meters—or about 20,000 drums—of sludge that are choking the treatment basins.

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Customers are advised to store water in preparation for the service interruption.

The first flow of water once supply returns may appear murky or colored, and customers were told to let it run until the water clears.

For a list of areas and schedules, check out Maynilad's Facebook page.

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