McDonald's Large, BFF Fries are Temporarily Not Available for Delivery

If you were looking to break your Lenten fast.
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McDonald's Philippines has served notice to customers that its large and BFF size fries are not available temporarily, forcing fast food lovers to make do with smaller servings of the staple salty snack.

The non-availability of large fries was posted in advisories on McDonald's delivery website and on its iOS delivery app. The most fries in a single order is the medium size based on information late on Easter Sunday, April 17.

A check with Grab and Foodpanda stores in the central Metro Manila area showed that only medium and small fries are avilable as a single order or as a combo meal add-on.

McDonald's did not say why large fries were temporarily unavailable. However in parts of the world including Japan and Malaysia, french fries are served in smaller quantities due to shipping issues of potatoes.

In February, a spokesman for McDonald's Philippines told reportr that while there's "pressure from the on-going global potato supply chain constraints", the local franchise operator can still manage its inventory.

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A notice on the McDonald's delivery app on iOS on April 17, 2022 shows that BFF and large fries are temporarily not available. McDelivery App
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A notice on the McDonald's delivery website on April 17, 2022 shows that BFF and large fries are temporarily not available. McDonald's Delivery Website

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