WATCH: What to Expect from Upgraded MRT-3 Trains

Commuters, breathe easy.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

The MRT's upgrade and maintenance is proceeding as planned, even as COVID-19 quarantines are in place, the Department of Transportation said Wednesday.

Japan's Sumitomo-Mitsubishi Heavy assisted in the rehabilitation works. Though the project is far from completed, there have been improvements. This week, the MRT-3 beat its earlier record and deployed 22 train sets, the most in its operations history.

MRT Running 21 Train Sets, Highest Ever for More Passengers
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What changed?

The rehabilitation project is expected to finish by July 2021. By then, passengers can expect more working train sets, faster trips, and shorter waiting times.

Riders can look forward to new rails, working elevators and escalators, and cooler temperatures inside carriages thanks to new airconditioning units.

This video shows the improved MRT-3 so far:

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