New in Apple Emojis: Heart on Fire, Vaccine Syringe, Bi-racial Love

To express yourself in more inclusive ways.
Photo/s: Apple / Emojipedia

Apple just dropped the latest set of emojis for its first operating system update of 2021 with a thrust to be more inclusive and reflective of the world we live in today.

The are 217 new emojis in this batch and they're part of Apple's iOS 14.5 beta. As with all beta releases, it's only available to developers for now and designs are subject to change prior to the final release.


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Here are Apple's new emojis for 2021:

Couples and skin tones

Of that 217 new emojis, 200 are dedicated to different skin tones and couples. Biracial couples are represented in the new set, along with both men and women with beards.

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Next up are smileys, which sees three new additions. The news ones are called Exhaling Face, Face With Spiral Eyes and Face in Clouds.


Valentine's just passed, but that doesn't mean your heart can't be on fire for someone during the other days of the year. That or it's been months or you're still trying to heal your heart. Regardless of where you stand on that spectrum, Apple's latest heart emojis—aplty called Heart on Fire and Mending Heart—are here to capture those feelings in emoji form.

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The syringe emoji of past updates were filled with red, implied to be blood. With vaccination plans being rolled out globally, this 2021 update sees the absence of the color, making it more versatile when used to describe not just COVID-19 jabs, but also other types of vaccines.


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