Cameras Off, Backgrounds On: How to Protect Your Data During Online Classes

The National Privacy Council shares these security tips.
Photo/s: Unsplash

In the virtual classroom, it's important for students and teachers to protect their personal information. The National Privacy Commission on Friday released a number of tips to address this.

The safety pointers range from the obvious, such as using strong passwords to, those that address the video call culture like using a customized background.

The NPC also suggested muting the microphone and turning off the camera by the default. It discourages connecting to public Wi-Fi, sharing submissions for an unlimited time, and sending requirements via social media.

Teachers must always consider the privacy, equity, and peculiarity among students, it said. They should also consider making webcam use optional, while posting announcements that involve personal data is a no-no, it said.

Check out NPC Bulletin No. 16:

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