One Seat Apart: The Updated 7 Commandments for Commuters

Follow these guidelines to stay safe on your commute.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascano

Commuters must follow the 7 commandments devised by health experts and professionals to help them stay safe against the coronavirus, authorities said, as the required distance between passengers starts to shrink to help open up the economy further.

The Department of Transportation updated the health and safety guidelines for commuters to accommodate the shrinking social distance requirement. Now, passengers can be seated one seat apart, instead of one meter apart.

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Here are the 7 commandments for commuters:

  1. Always wear a face mask and face shield
  2. No talking with fellow passengers or on the phone
  3. No eating
  4. There should be enough ventilation
  5. Passengers and drivers must disinfect frequently
  6. Symptomatic passengers will be prohibited from riding
  7. Maintain proper social distance (one seat apart)

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