PhilHealth Earns Laughs on Facebook for Liquidating P15 Billion

It was trying to explain corruption allegations.
Photo/s: Website/PhilHealth

PhilHealth is trending on Facebook, earning tens of thousands of "ha ha" reactions on a post wherein it liquidated P15 billion that was allegedly missing.

The P15 billion was "never lost" and was distributed to 711 hospitals during the pandemic, PhilHealth said as it gave a breakdown of allocations per regions in a light blue art card.

"Properly accounted po ito. Sa katunayan ay P14.21 bilyon o 95% na ang na-liquidate o naisulit na ng mga ospital, katunayang pinakinabangan ito ng mga pasyente at hindi ng bulsa ng sinoman," it said.

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Of the 58,000 reactions as of early Tuesday, 55,000 were "ha ha" or laugh out loud. The post was shared 23,000 times and had nearly 10,000 comments.

In the comments section, one user asked for a receipt, another asked who did the accounting (if not PhilHealth itself), while another said the post was fit for "" 

Corruption in PhilHealth, allegedly led by a "mafia", was exposed at the height of quarantines in 2020. President Rodrigo Duterte even appointed one of his trusted aides, ex-NBI chief Dante Gierran, to lead the agency.

Gierran, according to a Senate investigation years prior, once fed a crime suspect to crocodiles in Davao City.


How Powerful Is PhilHealth Mafia? It Ousted Presidents, Enjoyed Lap Dances

PhilHealth's New Boss is Ex-NBI Chief after Probe Exposes 'Mafia' 

Since the PhilHealth controversy, Duterte has talked tougher against corruption. In his weekly address to the nation, he reads out names of government employees who were removed from their posts for alleged wrongdoing.

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