Meet Chick 29, the New Philippine Eagle Hatched in Captivity

The baby raptor 'can't wait to say hello'.
Photo/s: Philippine Eagle Foundation/Handout

The 29th Philippine Eagle to be hatched in captivity has come out of its shell in record time, conservationists said Monday, as they moved to save the critically endangered species.

Still unnamed, Chick no. 29 went from pip to hatch in 25 hours and 13 minutes, the fastest ever at the conservation center in Davao City, said the Philippine Eagle Foundation. Pip to hatch refers to the process that starts with the bird poking a hole in its shell.

"This chick just couldn’t wait to say hello to the world!," the foundation said. Chick no. 29 was born (or hatched) by eagle parents Ariela and MVP Matatag.

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The Philippines' national bird, also called the Monkey-Eating Eagle, is critically endangered or just two steps away from extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature or IUCN. There are just 180 to 500 such raptors left and their population is decreasing, the IUCN said.

In January, Pag-Asa, the first Philippine Eagle to be hatched in captivity, died after suffering from fungal and parasitic infections.


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