It's Getting Hot Like 40 Degrees, Here's Why

Approaching summer.
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The Philippines is starting to get feverishly hot, with the heat index touching 40 degrees Celsius, weather data showed. Better stay hydrated and avoid going out during peak temperatures.

The easterlies or winds blowing from the Pacific Ocean is causing the uncomfortably hot weather, said PAGASA forecaster Shelly Ignacio. It is also stirring strong and sudden thuderstorms in the afternoon, she said.

In Metro Manila, both Accuweather and The Weather Channel both said Thursday's weather will feel like 40 degrees Celsius. Take note that the heat index, "real feel" or "feels like" is literally how hot it feels to the human body versus how hot the air outside is.

A heat index reading of 32 to 41 degrees Celsius is the second highest in PAGASA's four-step warning system, indicating "extreme caution." In this heat, people could suffer from heat cramps and heat exhaustion. Prolonged exposure could result in heat stroke.

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The PAGASA forecast range in Metro Manila for Thursday is 25 to 33 degrees.

"Asahan natin ang mainit at maalinsangang panahon. May severe thunderstorms tayo na inaasahan, lalo na sa hapon," Ignacio said.

There is no threat of a typhoon or tropical storm in the next two to three days.

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Here are the heat index forecasts from Accuweather and The Weather Channel for Thursday, March 18.

Accuweather forecast for Metro Manila. March 18, 2021. Accuweather
The Weather Channel forecast for Metro Manila, March 18, 2021 The Weather Channel
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