How to Track Your National ID Delivery on PHLPost

Wondering what's the status of your National ID?
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If you've finished the registration process for the National ID or PhilID card, you might be curious to know how long you have to wait for the delivery.

Through the PhilID card, Filipinos are given a valid proof of identity that contains both basic information and added security functions such as biometrics. In February 2022, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered that the PhilID be considered as sufficient proof of identity and age for all government and private transactions.

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If you're still waiting for your PhilID card delivery, here's a guide on how you can track its status:

1. Take note of your transaction number

After registering for your PhilID card, you will be given a transaction slip that contains your National ID transaction number. This slip is confidential and should not be shared with anyone or on social media.

Once you've found your transaction slip, take note of your transaction number. You'll use this to track the delivery of your PhilID card.

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2. Go to the PHLPost tracking website

Visit the PHLPost tracking website ( to track your PhilID card delivery.

3. Track your PhilID card delivery

Input your transaction number on the PHLPost tracking website and click the "Track" button to check the status of your PhilID card. If the website informs you that your PhilID card is "NOT FOUND", don't panic.

The Philippine Statistics Authority said this simply means that your PhilID card is still for dispatching to the Post Office. This does not mean that your PhilID card is missing.

Take note also that the delivery of the PhilID card is free. Individuals who have queries about their PhilID card can email or call the PhilSys hotline 1388.


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