LOOK: Scenes from Day 1 of Online Classes During Pandemic

Schools are closed but the classes resume.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

Students and parents in the Baseco Compound in Manila tuned in to the first day of distance learning classes from their shanties, tablets and smartphones in hand, as schools are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and will stay that way until a vaccine is found.

First day orientation

Mother Marivic Singco attends the parents' orientation on her phone while her two kids, both in elementary school, attend their classes with gadgets in one hand and a pen in the other.

Marivic Singco attends parents' orientation while her two children attend classes. Jerome Ascaño
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Jerome Ascaño
Jerome Ascaño
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Sharing a tablet

Senior high school students Junah Mae, Rochelle, and Rhialyn wore face masks as they huddled over one shared tablet to tune in to their online class, pens and notebooks at the ready for any important notes or reminders.

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Jerome Ascaño
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Jerome Ascaño
Jerome Ascaño
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Originally, classes for elementary, high school, and senior high school students were supposed to start in August, but got pushed back to Oct. 5 as the quarantines proved to be an obstacle in distributing modules and learning devices.

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The new distance learning setup brought about by the pandemic pushed parents and educators alike to try new and unconventional teaching methods. Though local government units have extended help, slow and faulty internet connections continue to burden learners and educators.

Some educational institutions had to close branches and schools as students deferred enrollment for this year.

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