LOOK: Your MRT Commute with Reduced Physical Distancing

Capacity was increased by 17 percent.
Photo/s: MRT-3 - DOTR

More passengers rode the MRT-3 Monday morning after the country's inter-agency task force on COVID-19 permitted reduced physical distancing in all modes of public transport to accommodate more commuters.

From the previous 1-meter distance recommended, passengers now only need 0.75-meter distance between them. This will allow 204 passengers per traint set, up from the previous 153 at a time.

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The Department of Transportation reduced the distance between passengers to ferry more commuters at one time. If all goes well, markers will be placed at 0.5 meters distance after 2 weeks, and down to just 0.3 meters after 2 more weeks.

"Ang inaasahang pagtaaas ng bilang ng passenger capacity ng mga tren ay suportado ng datos mula sa isinagawang physical simulation (The expected increase in passenger capacity in trains is supported by data from the conducted physical simulation.)," the department said in a Facebook post.

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Strict implementation of health and safety protocols will still be in place inside trains and in the station. Face masks and face shields are still mandatory, and talking—be it on the phone or with fellow passengers—is still prohibited.

Here are photos of the MRT-3 commute:

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