Poblacion Girl's Dinner Contacts Mull Filing Case Against Her

How could she break quarantine?
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The family that was exposed to a woman who went viral for breaking hotel quarantine before Christmas is considering taking her to court, one of its members said Thursday.

Gwyneth Chua mingled with aspiring politician Carlos Laurel in Makati's hip Poblacion district last Dec. 23, where he was also having dinner with his family. Chua tested positive for the virus four days after.

Laurel, 29, told GMA News that he found Chua's actions "irresponsible" and that family's priority at the moment was to ensure their health.

Asked if the family would file a case against Chua, Laurel said: "Pinapag-usapan pa."

"Our main concern at this point is magpagaling sa mga maysakit at pinapag-isipan kung ano yung pinakatamang gawin with regards to our family's position at this point," he said.


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Laurel, who is running for councilor of Tanauan, Batangas in the May elections, is the son of former model Crispy Santamaria-Laurel and businessman Arsenic Laurel.

According to Laurel, Chua herself was not invited to the dinner, and was a guest of her boyfriend who is a friend of his cousin.

"I or my cousins did not personally invite her to the dinner," Laurel said. "Our interaction with her is more limited to kapag nandun yung boyfriend. Apart from nights out na nandun yung boyfriend, we don't message or schedule nights out na kami-kami lang."

Laurel said his family was surprised when they found that Chua tested positive for COVID-19 after she had dinner with them.

"Tinanong namin bakit siya nagpa-test. And sinabi na yan yung fifth day quarantine PCR test. Once they said that, nagtaka rin kami... At that point we realized nag-skip pala siya ng quarantine," he said.

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Chua has yet to reach out to his family after the incident, but Laurel said he hoped that she would be more responsible with her actions in the future.

"I hope, moving forward, you (Chua) really think about your actions and the way they affect others. As much as everyone is trying to stay safe, comply with health and safety protocols, be more mindful of the way your actions affect others," he said.

On Tuesday, Chua, her parents, and several employees of Berjaya Hotel in Makati were charged over the quarantine breach. The hotel was also suspended after it admitted lapses in preventing the incident to happen.

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