Job-Hunting During the Pandemic? These Positions are In Demand

Employers are still looking to hire despite the pandemic.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascano

A report from JobStreet Philippines detailed which positions are in demand as businesses adjust to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are still hiring during uncertain times and they are looking for specific skills.

Employers are still looking to recruit new talent and have a positive outlook on the future of their organizations and their respective industries. The following job functions show no signs of slowing down, and will be in demand in the next 6 months: Accountingsales, customer services, business development, administration and human resources, and engineering.

Roles in banking, finance, marketing, public relations, management, and transportation and logistics will also be in demand.

Junior or entry-level jobs were also shown to be in demand, with employers looking to hire a younger workforce. In the next 6 months, JobStreet Philippines projected that 78 percent of hirings would be for junior or entry-level positions.

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