Quezon City Launches New Site for Vaccine Bookings, Here's How to Sign Up

Meet the QC Easy Vax System.
Photo/s: Quezon City Government

Quezon City on Friday launched a city government-assisted online booking system to provide residents more channels to register for a COVID-19 vaccine schedule.

The QC Vax Easy system will accept and confirm appointments simultaneous to the current eZConsult online system and barangay-assisted bookings in the city.

Residents already signed up via eZConsult or in their respective barangays can still register using the new system.

Registrants via the QC Vax Easy system will receive a text for a schedule once there is a sufficient supply of vaccines in Quezon City.


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Here’s how to sign up on the QC Vax Easy system:

Go to the QC Vax Easy website. If you have a QCeServices account, you can sign up using that. If noy, you can sign up without one.


Fill out the form. You’ll be asked for details like name, birthday, contact number, and place of residence.

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You’ll also be asked about your priority status, your allergies, and preferred day or night schedule. Once submitted, wait for a text.

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