Ez Mil's Rap Inspires Patriotism on TikTok with #PanaloChallenge

While Lapu-Lapu City demands an apology.
Photo/s: Kon Karampelas via Unsplash

Ez Mil's song "Panalo" inspires patriotism among the Pinoy TikTok crowd, even as the city of Lapu-Lapu in Cebu demands an apology from the rapper for supposedly dishonoring the national hero which the city is named after.

The Panalo Challenge on TikTok consists of two parts: the user first lipsyncs to the song dressed normally, until the same user transforms in the next frame, decked in full Filipino attire, with some showcasing intricate Filipinianas and barongs or indigenous textiles.

In "Panalo," Ez Mil rapped that Lapu-Lapu was beheaded in Mactan, a historical inaccuracy as the hero actually won the Battle of Mactan and fought off the camp of Portuguese voyager Ferdinand Magellan, who sought to colonize the Philippines.


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Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard "Ahong" Chan said that the rapper insulted Lapu-Lapu and the residents of the city. Chan added that the city has modules that establish the basic facts regarding Lapu-Lapu.

Chan said Ez Mil should have never written the song at all if he really did not recognize Lapu-Lapu as a hero.

Despite the city's demand for an apology, the mayor said that the rapper could be forgiven for his mistakes, should he acknowledge his error.

Quoted on Cebu Daily News, Ez Mil said the controversial lyric was a "exaggerated" and a "ploy to drive traffic and talk."

Ez Mil also said he considered "rhyming patterns" when writing his lyrics. "Am I gonna close it out with absolute truth or am I gonna make people talk about it? It’s like me weighing off the options."

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