Eraserheads' Raymund Marasigan Explains What 'Not Close' Means

After Ely Buendia's confession on their song 'Minsan."
Photo/s: YouTube/Raymund Marasigan

Ex-Eraserheads drummer Raymund Marasigan said Sunday the legendary Pinoy rock foursome are friends, just not the close kind. He's sorry for breaking fans' hearts further.

That lack of a deep bond was the reason the band broke up, Marasigan said in his YouTube channel. It's no secret, as fans can see in the Eraserheads' social media feed that they hang out with different people, he said.

Marasigan was reacting ex-frontman Ely Buendia's comments on the "Wake Up with Jim and Saab" podcast that "Minsan" that song about missing the good old days with the barkada, was not about the Eraserheads, but rather about another set of UP friends. It is in that context that Buendia made the "never friends" remark.

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"In this age of social media, if you check for the past 10 years, 20 years our feeds as individuals, you will easily see who we were hanging out with. It's not a secret ever since," said Marasigan, who found fame after the E-Heads as lead vocalist for Sandwich.

"But I consider everybody my friend in the band. And that we are not close, I'm also aware of that. Ibig sabihin, not close [meaning] that we don't text each other. I have their numbers, we don't text each other," he added.

Marasigan said the song "Minsan" was indeed about Buendia's roommates while he was staying in Kalayaan Dormitory.

"We are not batchmates, ahead siya by a year. So he was talking about those guys who I know din. Those are the people he talked about in 'Minsan'. I'm sorry if I'm breaking hearts," he said.

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While they were not close, Marasigan said it didn't come to a point where he and his fellow bandmates wouldn't want to be in the same room together.

"I do respect them, and I think we all wanted to make things work together. We're just not close. Yes, after the show, we had drinks, celebrate, but that's it," he said.

In the podcast, Buendia said "Minsan" makes him cringe because of the amount of sentimentality it brings and because he said fans use the song to make the group feel bad about breaking up.

"I don’t wanna break hearts again but we were never close. We were never friends. That’s why we broke up," Buendia said.

"But you know, it was good while it lasted. We had a very, very good working relationship," he said.

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