Crazy RC Cola Commercial is the Best of 2020, Ad Industry Says

The most bizarre ad for the most bizarre year.
Photo/s: Facebook/RC Cola Philippines

The viral RC Cola campaign that had millions on the internet racking their minds for answers won Best ad of the Philippines for 2020 in trade publication Adobo Magazine's annual list. 

In a selection process that polled top advertising creatives in the country, RC Cola’s “Basta” campaign created by 3-year old Gigil agency was "undoubtedly the craziest campaign" of a year also regarded as most disruptive in recent history. Gigil has so far released two ads in their campaign, "Family" and "Band", which both went viral.

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"Undoubtedly the craziest campaign of the year for a quiet cola brand which had the industry and the public sit up and engage in active conversations on social media. About time advertising became part of public conversation," Adobo wrote in their announcement.


The bizarre campaign is RC Cola's bid to compete with soda giants in the market after years of lagging behind. 


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GIGIL's other viral campaigns for the year also made it to the list which shows that just like RC Cola, the three-year old agency has also been trying to compete with industry giants. At fifth place is their “Bacon ‘Yan” campaign for Danes’ Cheese while their “Take Home Bestsellers" campaign for Greenwhich placed eight. 

Other campaigns that made it to the list are P&G’s Old Spice, “The Smell Never Dies” by Fuse at second place, followed by VIVO’s Valentine’s Day “Connection Should Have No Limits” by Petch* Partners. Access the full list here. 

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