Queer Moment: Sassa Gurl is White Castle Whisky Calendar Girl

How about a full glass shot for Mima?
Photo/s: Facebook/White Castle Whisky

Popular brand White Castle on Friday demolished its decades-long brand campaign built on the sexy woman on horseback while wearing a red bikini by tapping one of Gen Z's favorite internet celebrities, Sassa Gurl, as its calendar model for 2022.

Sassa Gurl redefining the White Caste girl is the latest in a string of high points for queer representation in the mainstream media. Brettman Rock recently became the first member of the LGBTQIA+ community to land on the cover of Playboy in the U.S.

Tucked and with her signature hotdog red blush toned down a notch, Sassa Gurl, "Mima" to her followers, debuted the two calendar designs Friday night, in time for a socially distanced shot to the weekend.

"May alak ka na, may pulutan ka pa!!! Napakingan na tayo mga bakla! Para to sa mga baklang umaawra sa inuman at nazezero, eto na tayo na ang naka booking sa calendar gurl," she said in the post that got 45,000 likes and 4,00 retweets as of Saturday morning.

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"Maya na kayo mag-maoy. Sinong nagsabing babae lang pwedeng maging Calendar Model? Ilabas nyo na ang White Castle at ang chaser, basta si Sassa Gurl ang pulutan ha?" the whiskey-maker said in a separate announcement.

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Before Sassa Gurl, the last two White Castle girls were actress Bea Alonzo and influencer Chie Filomeno. Alumna of the red bikini since the 1970s include award-winning actress Lorna Tolentino, comedienne Carmi Martin, sexy star-turned-politician Cristina Gonzalez, dancer-actress Angela Velez and TV star search finalist Roxanne Guinoo.

In the years before social media, the White Castle calendar featuring the sexy woman in the red bikini was a staple on the ceilings of delivery trucks and men's locker rooms. During its heyday, it was accompanied by a TV commercial, making it a pop culture fixture.

Sassa Gurl for White Castle is nothing short of powerful, said her fellow queer internet celebrity Pipay Kipay.

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