COVID Booster No. 2 Sought for Seniors, Vulnerable: Vaccine Panel Head

For added defense against the coronavirus.
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Senior citizens and those with weak immune systems should be given their fourth COVID-19 jab to increase their defenses against the coronavirus, the head of the country's vaccine expert panel said Thursday.

To implement this, the Department of Health asked the Food and Drug Administration to allow a fourth shot or second dose booster the A2 (seniors) and A3 (immunocompromised) categories.

"'Yung mga immunocompromised, 'yung medyo may edad, may mga maraming sakit especially chronic na sakit ay hindi sila masyadong magandang mag-mount ng immune response so for additional protection dahil nga nakikitang nagwe-wane na ang immunity, ni-recommend natin na magbigay ng second booster," said immunologist Nina Gloriani, chairperson of the expert panel.

Should the FDA approve the request, the Philippines will join Israel , France, and Denmark that rolled out fourth vaccine doses for the elderly and highly vulnerable individuals.

The government will also study administering fourth shots to those with high exposure to COVID-19, like healthcare workers, airport personnel, and teachers.

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As of March 21, more than 65.2 million Filipinos have been fully vaccinated, with almost 11.6 million given booster shots.


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