Senate Bill Seeks Mandatory Roll-Over of Unused Data Plans

As more Filipinos become more internet-dependent.
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A bill was filed at the Senate mandating the roll-over of unused data plans to allow Filipinos to better manage the cost of working from home.

The proposed Roll-Over Internet Act by Sen. Bong Revilla Jr.  will require internet service providers to allow users to easily carry over unconsumed internet allowance to the next billing cycle.

"This proposal is a step towards the promotion of the welfare of the digital community, in particular, and the whole Filipino community, in general," he said.

Under the measure, the unused data allocation of postpaid subscribers every month will be accumulated up until the end of year. All unused data for the year can be converted as rebates which can be used as payment for the internet service in the succeeding year.

In the case of prepaid subscribers or postpaid users availing internet data package promos, all unused data allocation will be rolled-over if the subscriber renews the subscription after the promo lapses.


If the subscriber fails to renew the subscription, the unused data allocation will be reduced by 20% every day until the subscription is renewed. If the subscription is not renewed after five days, the remaining data allocation will be considered consumed.

Exempted from the provisions of the measure are subscribers who avail of any unlimited internet data packages with no cap. Internet service providers who will not comply with the provisions of the bill will be fined P50,000 per violation per subscriber.


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