This App Tells You Which Countries Are Open to Filipino Travelers

And what quarantine restrictions you'll face.
Photo/s: screencap from Skyscanner app

Researching travel restrictions can get long and tiring, especially if you're looking to go to more than one country in the future when quarantines finally allow. To aid you in your planning, this travel app collates information on other countries' restrictions so you can organize your future trips accordingly.

The Skyscanner app's main purpose prior to the pandemic was to help wanderlust-stricken travelers compare flight and lodging prices to get the best deal. The virus rendered the tourism and travel industry immobilized due to social distancing protocols and strict border control, making flight comparisons irrelevant.

Now the app serves as a restriction guide for travelers, with requirements listed for countries.


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You can input "from the Philippines" and see which countries are accepting travelers, which ones are open with restrictions and requirements, and which ones are completely closed.

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screencap from Skyscanner app

A list of destination countries pops up, with green areas indicating full entry with no quarantine protocols, orange areas meaning quarantine may be required, and red areas means the country is closed. Gray areas mean the status or requirements for travelers from your country of origin is unknown.

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screencap from Skyscanner app

According to the app, 112 countries are partially open to the Philippines, while 112 remain fully closed.

screencap from Skyscanner app
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Additional information about the destination country is also available, such as the number of COVID-19 cases. Not all countries make the same type of information available, so it's best to check each one you're planning on going to.

If you're outside of the Philippines seeking to travel to other countries, you can change your country of origin and select your country of destination.

You can also share your e-mail for any restriction updates on destination countries.

The Skyscanner app is available for iOS and Android.

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