Now You Know: Banks Never Send Clickable Links via Text, Email

Avoid the scammers' clickbait.
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Banks do not send clickable links whether via text message or e-mail, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas reminded Filipinos Wednesday in light of the proliferation of spam messages.

The central bank warned against clicking links from unknown numbers since doing so could compromise their personal information and bank accounts.

"Do not click the links in text messages and emails that appear to be from your bank or any unknown number. Banks will not send text messages and emails with clickable links," the BSP said in a Facebook post.


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Should a person's bank account, credit card, or personal information be compromised, the BSP advised Filipinos to immediately contact their bank.

The National Telecommunications Commission has also previously advised Filipinos to block and delete text messages of job and loan offers coming from unknown senders.

Unsolicited messages from unknown numbers are red flags and people should never click links sent through these, the NTC said.


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