Love By The Numbers: Are Filipinos Happy With Their Partners?

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If you don't feel like celebrating Valentine's Day, you are among three our of five Filipinos who will not do something special on lovers' day, according to a Social Weather Stations Survey.

The Nov. 21-25 poll of 1,500 adults provides an insight on how Filipinos view their romantic relationships nearly a year into the COVID-19 quarantines that have changed how people date and have sex.


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Asked about their personal assessment of their love lives, 50% said they were very happy, 31% said they could be happier, while 18% have no love lives. For both men and women, 50% said they were very happy with their love lives.

By age group, those who are 35 to 44 years old have the highest number of respondents who are very happy with their love lives,  at 58%. Among the 18 to 24 age bracket, 35% said they were very happy.

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What makes the biggest difference in happiness in a relationship is not age or gender (not even COVID-19). The SWS says it's marital status.

"Those saying their love life could be happier are highest among those with live-in partners," he said.

Among men, those saying their love life could be happier are highest among those with a live-in partner 46%. For women, it's 42%.

Asked if they would celebrate Valentine's Day, 39% said they would likely do so, 27% said it was unlikely while 31% were undecided. That's two out of five Filipinos with plans to go out or stay in with their partner.

Here are the survey results in tabular form:

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