GUIDE: Thailand Travel Requirements for Filipino Tourists

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Filipinos can now travel to Thailand as more countries relax border restrictions to tourists in the new normal.

Thailand currently implements three types of travel schemes; Test & Go, Sandbox, and Alternative Quarantine. Travelers must select a travel scheme that accommodates their area of origin. Here's an overview of the differences.

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These guidelines are fluid and may change over time depending on the COVID situation in Thailand and the Philippines.


Singapore is Open to Filipino Travelers, Here are the Requirements

What about the Philippines?

Air travel coming from the Philippines headed for Thailand are qualified for the Test & Go travel scheme. Submission of pertinent documents is still required to ensure the safety of all staff and passengers, but multi-day quarantine upon arrival is no longer mandatory.

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific are offering flights to Bangkok.

Medical documents

Recognized proof of vaccination

  • Full vaccination within 14 days prior to departure (for Test & Go scheme and Sandbox scheme travel)

Negative COVID-19 test (RT-PCR) 

  • Result from DOH-accredited laboratories valid within 72 hours prior departure
  • A negative RT-PCR Test result is required for all Thailand Travel Schemes – Test and Go, Sandbox and Alternative Quarantine
  • Transit Travelers must also comply with this requirement
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For more information on Thailand travel via the Test & Go Scheme, visit the Travel Authority of Thailand website

Travel documents

  • Thailand Pass Registration (Test & Go applicable for Philippine travelers)
  • Medical insurance (for non-Thai nationals)
    • Transit Travelers must also comply with this requirement
  • Receipt or proof of payment for SHA Plus accommodation specifying accommodation and COVID-19 fees
  • Pre-payment for one (1) RT-PCR test and one (1) self-ATK test upon arrival in Thailand
  • Return Ticket and sufficient funds to cover the whole duration of stay (for Tourists)
  • If required: airline health declaration form (For Philippine Airlines)
  • Philippine Airlines Passenger Information Form or PAL Partner Laboratory e-CIF Form

Take note that processing of requirements submitted for the application of a Thailand Pass may take three to seven days.

Travelers who fail to present a Thailand Pass are subject to a 20,000-40,000 baht fine (approximately P31,293 to P62,587).

Like Singapore, Thailand also requires tourists to present insurance which covers treatment and medical expenses in relation to COVID-19, with a minimum coverage of $20,000 (approximately P1,047,090).

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Upon arrival

Visitors under the Test & Go travel scheme are exempted from quarantine, but must wait for their RT-PCR test result at the booked hotel for one night, or until the receive a negative result.

On day five of their stay, travelers are required to undergo a self-test of ATK and report the result as instructed by the Ministry of Public Health.

The second COVID-19 test (self ATK) will not be required if the traveler's length of stay is less than five nights, or if the scheduled international departure date out of Thailand is on day five or before. The traveler must leave Thailand immediately before the five days are up.

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