Tagalog Dub of 'The Kingmaker' Now Available to Stream

Available via Vimeo.
Photo/s: The Kingmaker/Screen capture

The Tagalog version of the "The Kingmaker", a documentary about the Marcos family, is now available to stream for free, its filmmaker said on Wednesday.

Director Lauren Greenfield said the Tagalog-dubbed version with Tagalog subtitles can be streamed via Vimeoand asked auidences for help distributing the streaming details.

It will also be available in YouTube soon, Greenfield said, responding to a netizen's query.

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"The Kingmaker" will also be released in four other separate Tagalog-dubbed versions with Bisaya, Ilocano, Bicol, and Hiligaynon captions.

"Apologies for the delay... doing five completely different language versions was technically more work than we had anticipated... coming *VERY* soon."

In "The Kingmaker" Greenfield delves into the excesses of the Marcos family -- from former first lady Imelda Marcos' jewels to shipping animals from Africa to establish a safari in Calauit, Palawan.

It also showed how the failure of subsequent leaders after Marcos to significantly uplift the lives of the poor led to the rise of President Rodrigo Duterte alongside the Marcos family. The late dictator's only son and namesake is leading in surveys to replace Duterte in the May 9 elections.


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