Loudly Crying is Philippines' Most Used Emoji on Twitter in 2021

It was another crazy year.
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Filipinos saw a whole new load of surprises (both good and bad) in 2021, the sequel to the crazy pandemic year that was 2020, as seen in the top emojis used throughout the year.

When words fail to express the right emotions, emojis are a lifesaver as seen in the most-tweeted icon by Filipinos: the loudly crying emoji.

The emoji, a face with an open mouth wailing and streams of heavy tears flowing from closed eyes, may be seen as a symbol of intense grief or sadness but can also symbolize extreme positive emotions such as uncontrollable happiness.

Why it was the most tweeted about emoji in the Philippines this year could be attributed to all the craziness that the country saw in the second year of the COVID-19 global crisis.

Coming in second place meanwhile is the pleading face emoji--the one with the large "puppy dog" eyes, followed by the laughing crying emoji at third, showing the different emotions that 2021 brought.

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Here are the most tweeted about emojis by Filipinos in 2021:

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The year 2021 was also big in sports for Filipinos as the country bagged its first Olympic gold medal, thanks to weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz.

The win was a proud moment for the country as seen in the most tweeted sports emoji by Filipinos: the flexed biceps.

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Here are the other most tweeted about sports emojis in the Philippines this year:

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