WATCH: Three Gens of ‘Blue’s Clues’ Hosts Reunite in 25th Anniversary Music Video

With some notable characters throughout the years.
Photo/s: Screengrab: Blue's Clues and You!

All three Blue's Clues hosts appeared in a music video released Wednesday to mark 25 years since the popular children's show aired on Sept. 8, 1996. 

In a nostalgia-filled video on the song “You Can’t Spell Blue without YOU", former Blue’s Clues hosts Steve Burns and successor Donovan Patton, and reboot Blue’s Clues & You! star Josh Dela Cruz were seen singing and dancing alongside some of the show's cast and real-life fans from various generations.

Watch the music video here: 

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The reunion is another surprise from Nickelodeon, which earlier Wednesday, released a video of original host Burns explaining his abrupt exit from the show in 2002. Steve with a pleading face (or puppy-dog eyes) emoji was at the top of Twitter trends throughout the day. 


Upon his departure, Burns was replaced by Donovan Patton who hosted the show until it ended in 2006. Noted as one of the most successful shows whose growth was deemed critical to Nickolodeon's as a channel, Blue's Clues had a spin-off called Blue's Room in 2004. 

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In November of 2019, its reboot series, "Blue's Clues & You!", premiered on Nick Jr. with Filipino-American Josh Dela Cruz as the host.

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