'Heatstroke Break' Extended to Traffic Cops, Street Sweepers: MMDA

Because rising temperatures are deadly.
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Traffic enforcers and street sweepers of the MMDA will get an additional 30-minute "heatstroke break" effective April 1 as the hot and dry season of the Philippines begins, the agency in charge of the upkeep of the capital region said Friday.

On-duty traffic enforcers and street sweepers can leave their posts in shifts to take 30-minute rests on top of their regular breaks, the MMDA said.

The policy, according to the MMDA, is meant to protect its staff from health exhaustion, heatstroke, and heat cramps due to seering temperatures.

"The heatstroke break shall be done alternately by those who are assigned in a particular area to maintain visibility of traffic enforcers and street sweepers and to ensure field operations are not hampered," said MMDA Chairman Romando Artes.

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State weather bureau PAGASA on March 16 declared the official start of the dry season, reminding the public to keep hydrated as days become longer and warmer.

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Should the heat index in Metro Manila reach 40 degrees Celsius or higher, MMDA field personnel can have another 15-minute break, the MMDA said.

The heatstroke break policy is effective until May 31, 2022.


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