'Trese' is No. 1 on Netflix as Aswangs Invade Streaming

On its opening weekend.
Photo/s: Netflix

"Trese" was number one on Netflix Philippines on the weekend of its release, proving that creatures of the night in local mythology have mainstream appeal.

The anime-inspired adaptation of the comic series of the same name tells the story of supernatural creatures that have invaded the criminal underworld, set in urban centers that are familiar to the Netflix generation.

Man-eaters strike the MRT? Check. Breaking news on ABC-ZNN (ABS-CBN)? Check. The hype train was hard at work leading up to the weekend.

"Trese" beat "Awake," "Sweet Tooth" and the second season of Lupin.


It also landed in the Top 10 most watched shows on Netflix Canada on Saturday, according to The Aswang Project.

Created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, the series follows main character Alexandra Trese's as she solves supernatural crimes in fictional Manila. Similar to the comics, the series also featured Filipino mythical creatures like aswangs, tiyanaks, and kapres.

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Trese was voiced by Liza Soberano in Filipino and Filipina-Canadian actress Shay Mitchell for the English dub.

Jon Jon Briones, Manny Jacinto, Darren Criss, Nicole Scherzinger, and Lou Diamond Philips were also part of the English version cast.


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