Twitter Craves as Jollibee Teases Return of Something 'Ultimate'

Something 'ultimate' is making a comeback.
Photo/s: Screenshot from Jollibee video

The country's largest fast-food chain, Jollibee, made its fans on social media crave as it teased the return of something "ultimate."

Jollibee initially retweeted a netizen's photo of the now-phased out Ultimate Burger Steak--a meal featuring a large patty, mushroom gravy, fried egg, rice, and fries.

“What’s meant to be will always find its way,” Jollibee said in its retweet, sending Twitter into a frenzy.


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Vlogger Kimpoy Feliciano, even joked that he might return to the Philippines from Australia if the popular meal returns to Jollibee's menu.

Jollibee further amplified netizens' cravings on Wednesday morning with a short video teaser. See the tweet below:

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