Battle of the Unli-Data Plans: Which One Should You Get?

We compare three networks.
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Networks are riding the 5G wave with unlimited and no-expiry offers as more Filipinos look to their phones for both work and leisure. It can get compelling to subscribe when that ad mentions just the price and promo, but oftentimes it's the fine print that really dictates what you'll get.

Here, we zoom in on the details and caveats you might have missed and compare unli-data offers from three networks—Smart, GOMO, and DITO.


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  • Offering: Unlimited 5G data
  • Price: P299
  • Expiry: 7 days

Smart Prepaid subscribers can subscribe to unlimited 5G for seven days for P299 or for 30 days for P599. Smart Bro users can subscribe to unlimited 5G for seven days for P199 or for 30 days for P599 (with 12GB of extra non-5G data when outside 5G coverage) or P999 (with 24GB of extra non-5G data when outside 5G coverage).

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If you live in a 5G area, you can max out the promos for all days. Your device may switch to 4G in locations outside of 5G coverage, but this will still consume data. For the P299 promos, users are given 3GB of data usage outside of 5G coverage areas.

The unli-data offers can be purchased through Smart's Giga Life app.


Smart is Offering Unlimited 5G, Here's How to Get It


  • Offering: Unlimited 5G data
  • Price: P299
  • Expiry: 15 days

GOMO is a venture of Singtel, the Singapore-based telco that is the Ayala group's partner in Globe Telecom. It promises faster downloads and higher quality streaming in areas with 5G connections. For P299, you can get unlimited data good for 15 days.

The newcomer prides itself in its no-expiry promos for call, text, and even data. While GOMO offers a no expiry promo for 5G, it does come with a cap. For P299, users can get 30GB of data, no expiry.

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Subscribers can use the GOMO app to keep track of data consumption and promo expiry. Additional offers may be purchased in-app.

Users living in 5G areas with 5G-enabled phones can maximize the promo from GOMO. If you live in an area that's outside of 5G coverage, 4G and LTE plans may be better suited to you.


GOMO Offers Unlimited Data, Too. What is It?


  • Offering: 25GB of LTE
  • Price: P199
  • Expiry: May 17 to June 30

The country's third telco launched early May in Metro Manila with a promo of 25GB of data, unli-texts to all networks, and unlimited DITO-to-DITO calls.

Unlike GOMO and Smart, DITO offers LTE with its call and text offerings. If you're not too particular about HD viewing or streaming, the LTE speed will suffice and comes at a cheaper price.

Most areas in Metro Manila support LTE connections, making this an attractive choice for users in locations outside of 5G coverage.

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In its first year, DITO promise minimum speed of 27mbps for subscribers. It's SIM cards are 5G ready for when the service becomes available.


DITO Launches in Metro Manila with P199 Promo

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