Isko Hopefuls Left Hanging as UP Undecided on UPCAT

The proposal which sought to cancel this year's UPCAT was rejected by the body.
Photo/s: Ara Eugenio

The UP Board of Regents failed to reach consensus on how admissions for academic year 2021-2022 will be implemented due to challenges brought by COVID-19 quarantines, the UP student regent said Thursday. 

The UP Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the UP Office of Admissions presented the University Council's proposal to forego the UPCAT exam component for freshman admissions, said Regent Isaac Punzalan.

Another briefing on the options is set to be held in the coming weeks, he said.


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"There is obviously no perfect option among those offered. But it's understandable that the pandemic situation has pushed the university to decide on its own for its admissions, similar to other universities," Punzalan told reportr.

In lieu of the rejected proposal, a revised admission system wherein an Admission Score Model will be finalized in the coming months. It will have to take note of the following, as stated in the regent's Facebook post:

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  1. Evidence-based model using HS academic performance (standardized)
  2. Additional layer of assessment at the department/institute level
  3. Mindful of equity, inclusivity, and diversity. 

"The university must exhaust all means to ensure that the admission system that will be implemented will be fair and will accept applicants at a maximum number, giving utmost consideration for the marginalized and those gravely affected by the economic crisis," he said.

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